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newly elected president. >> we're getting a clearer picture of how the president won. he lost white voters by 20 points to mr. romney but won the women's vote and among nonwhites had 80% to romney's 20%. romney couldn't believ believe -- romney gave a gracious speech. >> i so wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader. >> we have fought our way back. we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> obama won ohio, the critical swing state with 18 electoral votes. the state now voted for the winning presidential candidate in the last 13 elections. and no republican won without the state of ohio. >> the president will face the same divide at congress, democrats will retain control
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of the senate. republicans lost three key senate seats. two independents generally vote with them. there is now a record high number of women serving in the senate. women hold 19 of the seats. the house is staying in republican hands with 233 republicans and 185 democrats. and nancy pelosi's decision as to whether she will remain minority leader. >> there is fear there is going to be more political gridlock in store for the next four years in washington. many hoping the obama administration will follow the bipartisan example president clinton set during his second term. the head of california republican party raising taxes is still taboo and hopes house republicans hold their ground. >> student compromise is driving the economy down.
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and they need to work on government reform at all levels. >> time for the guys to reach a compromise here, if congress fails to reach an agreement soon, a tax hike and drastic spending hikes will take affect on january 1. leaders of both parties reaching out on capitol hill. we'll have that development in the second half hour. >> stocks suffered their worst one day loss of the year. the dow dropped and investors looking past the election and focusing on big problems ahead in europe and potentially in washington. cory johnson will join with us a parkt recap in about 10 minutes.. >> now, to the elections over. has outlook changed in silicon valley? >> abc 7 news david louie checks on the pulse of the
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local economy. >> happening now, i'm david louie. the electric was yesterday, but today a kind of referendum held on wall street. investors selling off in such a way it could impact everything from solar energy companies to cloud-based companies. ash wagner has a small solar company with six emhoiys he wants to expand but selloff could indicate uncertainty about the economy. >> i know several friends starting selling stock this moshing. >> what did that tell you? >> people are not excited about the future of the economy. >> investors appear concerned about a widening european recession. coupa sees europe as a major growth market just signing up new customers for its cloud based software helping companies save money on procurement. but the u.s. needs to reach a budget solution. >> this is the opportunity to bring that bipartisan nature in front of us here to deliver on the promises he's been talking about and we want to see delivered on in the coming years.
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>> the real test comes as congress and white house decide in the future whether they can work together. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> get ready for higher taxes after voters proposition 30. prop 30 passed by a 54-46% margin. the money going to california schools. governor jerry brown took the lead to get prop 30 passed. >> last night californians made the decision to protect our schools and colleges and strengthen the california dream. we join together as californians first and a resounding victory for education and fiscal integrity. >> the governor said about $6 billion would have had ton of cut from schools and colleges if voters rejected prop 30. sales tax will go up by a quarter percent for four years, starting in january. income taxes will rise for people making more than $250,000 per year. >> the passage of prop 30
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guarantees uc students will not see a tuition increase this year. >> students will get something extra. here is abc 7 news education reporter. >> within hours of prop 30 passing san francisco state announced it will begin reimbursing students. most will see close to $250 deposited back into their accounts. the university will roll back the increase. thanks to prop 30 the governor tax increase measure, other universities may see the money in the form of a credit to be applied to next semester's tuition. with the passage csu fees will remain flat for the rest of the year, if you're a student expect to see that bit end of the month. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and here is a look at results from other state propositions. the tax was a competing tax
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was overwhelmingly defeated. proposition 33 would have chaempked the regulations for auto insurance was rejected by voters. that would have required labeling for foods with genetically modified ingredients. >> the end of an era. >> pete stark defeated by newcomer eric swalwell last night. >> 31-year-old eric swalwell headed to washington, d.c. next week. it will be a milestone for him and for this congressional district. the dublin native is a prosecutor and former city councilman with little experience compared to the man he's replacing, an 80-year-old fellow democrat pete stark since 1972. the open primary system
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allowed voters to vote for a candidate and the, excuse me, and the 13th district was redrawn to incorporate more conservative communities. both changes believed to have played a role in the win. >> i feel great. i stood m this hall ask talked to hundreds of supporters invested so much time and energy in our campaign over the past year, just felt great to give them that hard-earned victory. because they believe to me very early when people thought we're crazy and thought we're out of our minds, they believed in me. >> this campaign issued a statement saying i went to washington by running against an unpopular war and for womens' rights, opportunities for children and dignity foreseeners. i leave knowing needs of my constituents remain. i congrad late mr. swalwell on
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his victory. i am happy to be of assistance in the future. >> heather. thank you well. have more election coverage coming up in this newscast. for a list of results in your area go to abc 7 we're sending out latest results through twitter on abc 7 news bay area with hash tag your skprot election 2012. >> there is a big change in our weather after a couple days of record heat now we're expecting rain and frost. >> that is remarkable. >> yes. big changes have begun already. you can see the clouds have been hoffering along the coastline. we've got higher clouds. the big change maker, it's this huge cold air ma.s as that leading edge of the cold air moves through, they'll see clouds and showers tomorrow
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lingering into friday. 18 degrees cooler now in san francisco than at this hour yesterday and 23 degrees cooler in santa rosa. with cold air coming in our way, does that mean showers here in the bay area but snow in the sierra. a winter weather advisory from sock tomorrow morning to friday morning up to 10 inches of snow near the crest. there is maybe even frost about which i shall say more in just minutes.. >> thank you. speaking of snow people in the northeast are taking no chances as another storm bares down on that region. >> new jersey residents stocking up on supplies for the second time in two weeks. the nor easter expected to cause more flooding to coastal communities. battered by super storm sandy. some have been ortdered. officials urging people not to leave their homes during the height of the storm. >> it is a good idea to stay
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indoors with this because hurricane sandy weakened trees and high winds tonight could cause more trees and limbs to come down. the storm debris still on our streets to blow around dangerously. >> air travel is being impacted 18 slits have been cancelled because of this. >> want to show you a live picture in new york city. weather outside is frightful again. one guy is prepared and having a good time. we're watching this shot and look at the size of the snowflakes. they're large and you can see snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground. it's been rough there the past week and a half. >> a verdict this afternoon in
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the trial of a man accused of killing two people at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza a contra costa jury found a suspect guilty. now they'll decide if he'll receive the death penalty. his exworked as a toll collector there. burress acted as his own attorney during the trial admitted he pulled the trigger and said had no regrets. >> chevron get rgd to reopen its richmond refinery. a fire damaged part of a crude unit. the units removed salt and other chemicals from the oil. cruise are fixing the equipment in that munit. chevron says the plant will be safer and more environmentally friendly. >> still ahead it's not a good day for apple. two problems the cupertino company is now dealing with. >> plus, at and t and the
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government. how much of a refund you would be getting. >> update on a stolen puppy from the spca. the happy home he now found michael finney will answer your questions live in just a few minutes. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> taking a look at traffic right now, you can see gray skies. tough for those trying to make their way onto the bay bridge and head
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a puppy stolen from the spca has been recovered and we're happy to say, adopted. violent stolen october 16th last week an employee spotted violet. police arrested that woman for drug charges and parole violation. the couple had shown interest in violet before she'd been stolen. nice. >> at and t smart phone customers may have money coming their way. the giant agreed to offer refunds for mistakenly forcing them into monthly data plans. the problem began in 2009. a computer error began move something into plans by mystic. -- mistake. at and t agreed to give refunds up to $30 per month. this company must pay $700,000 to the federal government. >> the phone company spending a pretty penny to improve
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services. >> cory johnson joins us with that and more. >> apple hit with a huge fine after a case in texas finding the technology infringed on four patents. a half of the company had sought. apple may appeal the decision. it comes a day after a lawsuit against motorola tossed out by a judge apple stock up 20% in the last week weeks. stocks went into a big selloff today. europe's debt crisis making news. and of course tech shares faring into better.
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your bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower today. at and t making a huge investment to expand and going to spend 14dzs billion over three years to expand this network as well as wire service. at and t says that going to bring to it $300 million by the end of 2013 opening up a number of new opportunities. and the biggest video game company in the world says it's going to expect a big increase in sales. third quarter sales probably 53% acit vision looking for a big debut coming on november 13th. voters voted to change the way payroll taxes are made. measure e backed by ron
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conway. unless they pay taxes based on total growth receipts. companies have big payrolls before big revenues so at bloomberg studios i'm cory johnson with bloomberg west. back to you. >> thank you. >> what a difference a day makes weather wise. just look out there. it's gray. >> dreary. >> dreary near the coast. where we are it's dreary but it's a great day. right? well... here is live happening silence. here is a live view from our high definition camera. looking down onto the low clouds drifting out over the bay from the coastline. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see low clouds along the coast moving oakally inland. farther inland we did and still see quite a bit of sunshine. things about to change there.
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more clouds on the way. we're looking at temperatures 57 degree heerz in san francisco. and in santa rosa. a mild balmy 70 in antioch now. forecast features will be mostly cloudy skies overnight. cold nights are ahaechld but tonight just a cool in spots. lows in mid-40s. upper 40s to around 50 for the bay area, satellite shows advancing frontal system and a pool of cold air behind it is going to bring us more changes in our weather pattern. let's take a look ahead at forecast animation. at 5:00 in the morning mainly dry. by mid morning showers arriving in the north bay. we'll see showers in the heart of the bay area, later into afternoon, into tomorrow evening still showers then, continuing overnight into friday morning. 7:00 friday morning another
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batch of showers and partial clearing and drying out later in the day, friday. rainfall totals by 5:00 friday afternoon will be a quarter inch in the north bay. perhaps 8-10th of an inch on the peninsula. showersy conditions highs upper 50s to near 60. mid-50s on the coast. cool there, highs mainly upper 50s to 60s perhaps in oakland inland east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler weather ahead, coolest inland locations, coldest, i should say will see temperatures probably below freezing and maybe frost on monday morning. change is underway. >> it s it is november. >> true. that is. >> this meeting of the
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optimist club is now adjourned. there is another sign winter and holidays are just around the corner. ice rink at union square opened this morning. skaters from san francisco tremors ensemble were on the ice. the rink sponsored by a coalition of businesses. a portion benefit boys and girls club in san francisco. this rink will remain open through late january. always fun to take the kids down there to try to indicate around them. >> they make it look easy. >> yes. >> still head celebrities share election day experiences. >> also, lady gaga, the star to make a big donation to help victims of super storm sandy. >> and... the just-announced star wars sequel could be seeing familiar faces making a come back. >> checking traffic here, looking at at approach to the bay bridge toll plaza smooth sailing heading from oakland into san francisco at this hour. stay with us.
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abc 7 news at 4:00 c
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>> actor harrison ford is open to the idea to bringing hans solo back to live in 2015. sources close to the just-announced sequel have revealed this information at
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the 70-year-old ford is said to be upbeat about reprizing his role. the source says actor frtz original trilology feel the same way paimpbltly coming back. >> celebrities share their election day memories while lady gag offers to help victims of sandy. >> hol wlid is still buzzing about it. with stars sharing their experience online. with ballot in hand beyonce looked pierce in this photo. mariah carey played it cool in these picks wearing sunglasses. and katy perry sported a political look showing off a election day sticker. we're aable to catch w.up with will i am in chicago. >> if you voted for obama and romney now that it's over, don't go to sleep. stay awake. stay focused on issues you
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know? and change the communities. >> lady gaga donated $1 kblinl to the red cross helping aid those affected by super storm sandy. out in the uk tailor swift turning on christmas lights in a london mall. >> i think my ideal christmas would be in nashville with my family there would be a fire in the fireplace. >> you can get more entertainment news right now on >> still head president obama just arrived back in washington, d.c. get back to work. >> surprising reaction he got from republican leaders about raising taxes. >> and a supervisor race where one republican was defeated. >> in san francisco, voter as
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proved an increase in the city minimum wage. you'll hear from t
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you!
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[ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios in san francisco, voters elected several superviseors district five is one of the controversial races.
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>> christina alahi defeated by challenger after a lot of political fallout from the sheriff ross mirkarimi domestic violence case. abc 7 news is live at city hall with reaction to this. >> well, results are not official yet. there are still thousands of votes outstanding but the latest figures just released minutes ago showing the incumbent christina alahi remaining stagnant and her challenger increasing her lead. last night, vote totals show she's the newly effected supervisor representing the west ashbury, fill more and western edition neighborhoods. today she told us what she believes put her over the top its not just about being a native here but doing a lot of
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work here. i spent a considerable amount of time dealing with public safety issues, job opportunities for people. >> what also played a major factor was a move by incumbent supervisor christina alahi appointed by mayor ed lee in january. with ross mirkarimi was elected sheriff. the mayor suspended mirkarimi, hoping to toss him out of office. alahi was the only fwhun a hotly won tested campaign voting to reinstate mirkarimi. antidomestic violence advocates unleashed a last minute ad catch yain against her. and today taking credit for ahali's political demise. >> it's a relief voices were hurt and injustice corrected.
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>> she did not return our calls tonight at 6:00 we'll hear from two major players in this whole thing. abc 7 news. now races in local races measure s voted down there, the second time this has been defeated. >> oakland a 1 parcel tax did not come wupt two thirds neat needed to pass. >> voters rejected hotly contested soda tax and south bay san jose voters approved an increase in a city's minimum wage, you can see
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totals here. abc 7 news talked with some students creating this initiative. >> daniel works in the san jose state university bookstore for $8.50 an hour. >> last chance over tuition. i don't know. maybe being able to go out with friends and not having to worry about how much i'm spending per week he didn't know it but a group of students created measure d. the group vowed inspiration meeting near the statue of john carlos ask tommy smith. >> if you believe in something, you can succeed, we're saying that we felt we deserve a living wage mayor chuck reed says he likes the idea of people making more money but is concerned about surveys showing employers unable to
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pay higher wage saying they'll slash hundreds of workers who will then are no job at all. >> we're facing a budget short fall of millions of dollars. so out of $600,000 coming from a general fund. >> cafe j folks say that is all you'll see. athat is not how they see it. >> it's important to impact one another. and not think about our self interest when we act, we can change the world. not just one president that can change the world. it's us. >> these students learned about what it takes to win an election and now, i'm told they have a new cause, going to go after a high cost of a college education.
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>> it appears democrats have a favorable landscape. the party now anticipate being a super majority meaning a two thirds majority in the state, senate and assembly allowing the party to push through tax increase was out republican votes. president obama, meantime back at the white house reaching out to top republicans to help fix the nation's financial crisis calling several leaders from both parties putting out words they need work together to vert a looming crisis. president and lawmakers have until january 1 to force a budget feel, forth a budget deal, rather, or big spending cuts will go into affect. the leaders of the house and senate answered the president saying they're willing to be work with each other to tackle the budget deficit. senate majority leader sounded a note vowing to work with republicans to solve the looming fiscal crisis. house speaker john boehner
4:36 pm
agreed to openness as long as it linked to entitlement reforms and oo i'm not suggesting we compromise on principle buzz suggesting that we commit ourselves to creating an atmosphere to see common ground and seize it. >> it's better to stand and to fight it's better to work together. everything doesn't are to be a fight. everything doesn't have to be a fight. that is the way it's been the last couple years. >> two leaders different. boehner prefers to wait until newly elected congress is elected. reid calling on congress to get the work done immediately. >> you can see from this map of the electoral vote everything from florida has been called and with florida's 29 votes it won't make much of a difference either way because if we have it to go, let's say blue for the president. woe be up to 332 votes so just
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widen his lead. and if we make it red, and give it to mitt romney he is still 235. mr. obama retaining the presidency. want to show you more things now. how people voted closer to home. we're going to show you a map and take a look here. so going into mode, mode here. the state of california. state of california? we can do this another way, perhaps. if the technology will work. oh, not yet. one more try at this you are hoorks. now, we're -- take my word for it. most of the bay area went for mr. obama. there was one county in southern california
4:38 pm
if i can get this to shrink here, boy show it to you. san bernardino county, i promise this is going to work. okay? right here... well, numbers don'ts come up. technology not working for us here. san bernardino county goes for republican candidates. in this case, even san bernardino county went for mr. obama. it, all just goes to show how unpredictable this can be on election night. >> we're glad that that worked smoothly last night. >> the viral video you just can't touch. the president chanlz mchl c hammer racking up hits. we'll have more of this video up next. >> i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook.
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over on twitter at m finney i'll answer questions here live in just a little bit. >> looking towards angel island, we're seeing clouds and sunshine. clouds about to become predominant feature, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> taking a look at traffic right now on the san nayo bridge. you can see sun peeking out now
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the president is back at the white house. >> before he can get back on the job fans were working at cranking out those celebration videos. >> here is a look at one released this morning. ♪ [ music ] . >> mc hammer vote td this his favorite video. the 19-year-old bio chemistry student put this together. it received 200,000 views it's not the first creator video, he put together a version of "call me maybe" racking up 31 million views. 19-year-old kid. >> we talked to him. he's a great kismtd just amazing how these have taken off. >> it's g we need to do a
4:43 pm
similar cut for spencer christian. >> yes. here he is. >> let's take a look at the doppler radar image of the storm moving up the atlantic coast producing snow. rain along the coastline major storm there. just a week after super storm sandy, the area getting pounded again. tomorrow, nationwide looking at mostly sunny skies and dry conditions but cold across northern tier states. snow in parts of montana and idaho. here in california a mixed bag. areas of showers, it's going to be a wintery sort of day. in mid fall. will be cool, temperatures upper 50s for the most part. showers moving through tomorrow, tomorrow night, into friday morning. and it's going to be chilly
4:44 pm
for the next several days in fact getting into weekend we'll see cold overnight periods with low temperatures dropping below freezing in spots on sunday morning and on monday morning. so can't touch this. >> nice. >> all right. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 four aging signs may show higher heart risk. >> how women can getter gauge their own fertility based on a certain factor. >> is it illegal to post a for sale sign in your used car? the answer on the 7 on your side q and a, next. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 first place president obama declared victory last night highlights growing role of social immediate yachl the new high end outlook store com
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a new study says women may be able to better gauge their fertility based on the age their mother went through menopause. researchers followed women and found women whose mothers had an early menopause had fewer eggs in their owe vary was fewer eggs there are fewer answers to conceive.
4:48 pm
>> new research suggests the way you look as you age could indicate if whether you're at greater risk. people with receding hairlines, baldness at the crown, ear lob creases and yellow fatty deposits around the eye lid are 39% more likely to develop heart disease over 35 years. researchers say it does not prove science of aging causes heart disease. or vice versa but looking old for your age is a marker of poor health. >> michael finney is here. my friend has a a transmission company. the sponsor dated march 21, she'd like to sell stocks so
4:49 pm
who she kkt. >> i don't know. weeks or months before being taken over by pg&e. it's now part of the family. let me give you the telephone number. you give it a call that is your best starting point. sometimes you can have a search when they're transferred. >> this question, is it illegal to post a for sale sign in your used car? my neighbor has cars for sale parked on my street all the time. >> isn't that obnoxious? we've done reports on this. it's illegal to take to the street and turn it into a personal used car lot. so often, those signs are illegal. if you call and complain, i don't know what city you're in
4:50 pm
and have them out there and go look at this, they have the legal right to start towing cars. guy just taking over the street. we kept saying we're going to take pictures.. >> becomes like a used car lot. >> yes. come on, please. >> final question comes from kiana. she asks what is up with ballots being cast for people deceased?. >> that would be fraud. so that turns out someone is deceased. it's against the law. you can go to jail. here is the interesting thing. if someone deceased now but alive when they filled it out, vote is still good. >> makes sense.
4:51 pm
>> because they were alive when voted. >> absolutely. >> but you're not allowed to do that. >> if you're dead, you can't vote. >> right. neither can neighbors, friends, family. >> thank you. >> just ahead a project to help alleviate congestion. >> taxpayers
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4:53 pm
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>> we have a progress on the smart train. >> old tracks have been pulled out and new tracks being laid back out for the first computer train. >> the tamper machine taps down loose rocks underneath. it's a slow progress when you can consider it will have to cover 38 miles worth of new tracks.
4:55 pm
what will be phase one of the new sonoma area rail transit. >> this is measure q passing in 2008 wex passed witness nearly 70% yes vote. >> this has not been without controversy after the recession slashed revenue estimates mitts to comp state. face one from guerneville rode rood to downtown san rafael. old rails and ties had to be pulled up from what is once a northwestern pacific line operating here in 1880s. >> what can be reused is refused. whatever is not they're taking metals off. then, they grind ties up and burn them for power generation wail burn them. it's 100% reuse. >> 10 miles of new rails have
4:56 pm
been laid down so far. there is another shipment arriving in a few days. old ties have been replaced with concrete ties with new ties there has to be new loose rock. they're loading it here to get transported. the hope is that train will be a reliable alternative and travel at up to 79 miles per hour, it's not the entire system voter as proved four years ago. >> it appears 70% to 80% of what we're expecting. and we anticipate building rest of the project as our revenues increase we can get additional funding. >> first train arriving to begin testing with a system opening for business in 2016.
4:57 pm
a work crew made a wrong turn, you can see it's backward in this lane. someone put the stencil down the wrong way. despite the mistake drivers don't seem to notice. some probably laughed a bit on the road. >> funny story because i'm from hawaii last year same thing happened in hawaii. except they didn't flip the letter they spelled it olny. the joke was only in hawaii it's only in only in hawaii and mississippi. we're in good company. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. police make another arrest in the deliberate torching of a muni bus. >> i'm sandhya patel.
4:58 pm
a winter storm on the way. when it will arrive and what it will bring coming up. >> and outlook stores coming to the bay area that could be a big boon for folks down on their luck. >> have enough money to fund schools as our constitution requires.. >> governor brown applauds californians for willingness to tax them selfs to support schools and colleges.. >> good evening. the governor promises to be responsible for funds. the state will be collecting. voters gave governor brown a vikt wri nearly 54% voted in favor of proposition 30 saving the state $6 billion in what would have been drastic cuts. democrats now have a super majority in sacramento. which could allow them to increase more tax was out going to voters.
4:59 pm
>> experts helping the snalt get a super majority. the weeks-old registration system boosted democrats. california voters in both hoses. the first super majority since 1933. that means democrats have two thirds majority vote necessary not only to raise taxes but also, override gubernatorial vetoes. republicans now won't have much say. >> i think in a super majority, they've got a lot of power. and when you have too much power you can go awry. >> i certainly don't intend to
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